Week 9:BSF People of the promised land 1

Saul – Was the dream of every woman and the envy of every man. 1Sam 9:2

He had a good start, was very advantaged. However, starting well is not a guarantee of finishing well. God graciously equips those he calls with all they need to obey. This week we journey through 1 Samuel chapter 9 and we learn alot from Saul’s story as Israel’s first king.

Starting well -1 Samuel 9:1-10

These chapters teach us to learn to seek God first and not to go to him when all is lost. We also learn too to seek out those who are lost until we find them.

There are no coincidences in God.  Saul had never met Samuel before but when it was time to annoint the king of Israel, their paths crossed. It matters who we walk with in our walk and call from God. Those you walk with with direct and encourage you. From Saul’s story, his servant was a man who knew the Lord and gave him sound advise of  in verse 6 about a man of God who would advise them on the best cause of action.

When Saul was called he felt inferior because he came from the smallest tribe of Israel. We also tend to give excuses just like Saul when we are called to serve for many reasons. However we need to remember that when attending to God’s business he is also busy attending to our business. God made it work that the donkeys were recovered and taken back to his father.

As christians we need to remember that God already has a seat prepared for us, so there is no need for us to find influence. Just like Saul in all his dirt found a table prepared for him. In the end it does not matter how qualified one is, God has a seat reserved for his children.


Key Truth 1: God’s call sometimes puzzles us but it is personal, it’s perfect and requires active faith to fulfill it.

Whatever God has called you to do, he has fully equipped you to do it. When your primary source of knowledge is God, you have a deeper understanding on how to go about it. Through the Holy Spirit, he is able to equip us to do it effectively

Continuing well 1 Samuel 9:11-12

Continuing well involves obeying and following God fully. Saul in his wisdom acknowledged that God is in control.

Even as we continue well we should be aware that continuing well does not excempt us from trouble. The task you are facing now will prepare you for your next challenge. Our attitudes need to be positive when facing challenges. There are no guarantees that life will be easy. In all things God has a purpose in our adversity. In the end we shall be victorious.

Samuel near the end of his service is still committed to service to the Israelites and to God. Just like Samuel, God already counts you in a place of responsibility as the salt of the world. As a believer you have no excuse but to pray for people.

Key Truth 2:Those who receive God’s call, they receive power to accomplish his will.

When God calls us, all God requires is for us to show up.

Whatever it is that you need to do, be confident that God has your back.

Not finishing well 1 Samuel 9:13-15

Fearing that the enemy will come down, Saul went and did the sacrifice himself. He didn’t count on Samuel’s word. He was not patient enough to wait.

God had good plans for Saul, but he disobeyed. His hasty decision did not help him in any way. When the rubber meets the road and challenges come we need to be patient. We learn that nothing good comes from our plan b situations. We need to learn to wait on God as his promises come to pass.

Jonathan was completely opposite of his father. Unlike Saul, he had so much faith and he is willing to put his trust in God. We see God giving Jonathan victory. We learn from the Jonathan that we should focus on God and not on our limitations and abilities. The moment we take our eyes off God we lose our perspective completely just like Saul did. God is not interested in our excuses. Our biggest act of sacrifice does not count if it’s not in obedience.

Key Truth 3: Partial obedience is disobedience

Utilize opportunities given by God to finish well.

Key Truth 4: Rejecting God always results in a wasted life

Samuel mourned for Saul even though they did not see each other again.

Be grateful that God has been able to be with you until now.

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