Reviewing Policy

I am happy to accept books and tea for review and consideration on this blog. However before you send an email at, kindly note the following. By contacting Booksarge it is assumed that you have read and agreed to the terms.

Accepting a review for tea or a book does not guarantee that I will read, sample it or publish the review on the blog. The blogger reserves the right to decide whether to publish your review. If unable to publish your review, you will receive communication with details as to why it has not happened. I will endeavor to review all products on this blog with honesty.

I accept print copies, e-books and audio books for books that I feel I’ll enjoy reading. For book reviews, I accept all genres except science fiction. All tea flavors are also accepted for reviewing.

It will be indicated on each article whether I received a book or tea for review as a disclaimer. Note that the tea reviews do not represent any medical opinion or professional advice. The reviews are solely based on experience with the products.

I am open to participating in blog tours. You must give enough notice to read your book and prepare a post. If it is a sponsored post of a book that I have not read or tea that I have not sampled. I will let readers know that I have not read the book or sampled the tea.

Once I decide to write a review, it will be published on the blog, and publicized on Twitter and Instagram.

It will take between 2 to 8 weeks for all product reviews. This largely depends on my schedule and the number of books that I have on my reading list and the number of teas that I have to sample.

Photographs may not depict the exact color of the product.